• The People, the Religion, the Dress, the Customs

    The People, the Religion, the Dress, the Customs:

    Although Turkey is a secular state, religion plays a large role in the lives of most of its citizens. Over 99% of the country’s population is Muslim, mostly Sunnite. Istanbul is no exception. The term “Muslim” means “one who has submitted himself to the will of God.” They worship only God, not Mohammed, who is not a savior, but a messenger of God. He is His last and most important prophet (coming after the prophets of Adam, Noah, Ab.. Read More »

  • Istanbul - June 2004

    The Arrival:
    The previous day I had wished for a hot shower and a glass of cold juice. I had gotten both. On Thursday I wished for a truck to stop and to take us and the bikes to Istanbul. Stephane told me I was dreaming. “Okay, then,” I said, “let me have my dreams.” But in the back of my mind, I kept secretly hoping that it would come true. After all, we had gotten lucky so far. When we were hungry, we were given food; when we were thirsty, we were given something to drink; when we were tired.. Read More »

  • Arrival in Turkey - Thrace - late May 2004

    The Arrival:
    It was only 5 km. from our camping spot at the small church high in the mountains to the Turkish border, but it seemed like 50. It was extremely steep and very, very hot. Reminded me of the heat wave we had in France last year.

    As before, we passed vineyards, mountains, forests, tall, green trees. And then we passed miles of barbed wire fences on both sides of the road. The border was approaching. Two weeks exactly along the eastern seaboard in Bulgaria, and now we were going to.. Read More »