The Couple

in June of 1998, when Sheri was one month out of college. Backpacking alone across Europe for two months, she met Stéphane in Paris when she stepped off the train from London, and since then, their destinies have been intertwined. Though they came from different countries and cultures, they found they had a lot in common. Even though Sheri spoke only two words of French and Stéphane spoke only the most rudimentary of English, they knew that they wanted to see each other again. They travelled down to Spain in a camping car with a few of Stéphane’s friends and within a few days, they decided that they would one day be married (that day came three years later, in July of 2001).

It was from these modest beginnings that their dreams started to take root and grow. For them, it is the journey, not just the destination that is important. They advanced at their own pace, taking time to enjoy the smiles and the fellowship of the people they meet, to enjoy the natural landscapes that surround them, and to enjoy the beauty of the world we all live in….

Aside from other things, it was their love of travel that bound them together. From the first weeks, they talked about travelling the world together. Both of them had always dreamt of travelling and even living in foreign lands.

But what child has not dreamt of travelling far away, even if it be only through losing oneself in a good book or even a movie. Some of Sheri’s favorite books as a schoolchild were following the adventures of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as they rafted down the Mississippi and of Jules Verne’s characters as they explored under the oceans in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and circled the continents in “Around the World in 80 Days.”

What attracted them about travelling was not just the many varied landscapes that lay waiting for them to discover, but especially of learning firsthand about different cultures and customs, of meeting other peoples and learning about other ways of life. They talked about wanting to have more intimate contact with the local inhabitants rather than just the habitual contact that you find in hotels, tour groups, and tourist locations.

    Since then, they accomplished a 5 year journey around the world and decided to share their knowledge and experience and use it to make a living. This is why they created the web reference for the best bike touring equipment combined with the most useful information.