A Personal Challenge:
As the old French saying goes, “Travel is the path to youthfulness.” This trip is a dream of long date will launch us on the magical highway of our marriage.
We will learn about ourselves and discover the world through our own eyes. We are in no way looking to accomplish a physical exploit or beat any record. We will advance according to the rhythm of our meetings and our desires.
Facing difficulties together, we will be confronted with uncertain and often unforeseeable situations. Our will, reinforced by a strong determination, will propel us along the routes of this world tour.

An Experience on Bicycle:
This wonderful invention with two wheels has a ton of qualities that correspond to our philosophy of travel. Its rhythm allows us to fully appreciate the things and people around us. The bicycle has the advantage of being environmentally-friendly. It is silent and non-threatening; its only motor: our calves.
Many will tell you that a bicycle laden “like a mule” brings out people, pleases them, makes them ask questions and involves them in conversation, especially in the countries of the Middle East and Asia. It is conducive to meeting people, which is a priority for us.
In addition, the sturdiness of our bikes allows us to carry the necessary equipment with us, which gives us a large measure of autonomy. Finally, a bicycle is an economical mode of transport that passes in most places that other vehicles do not.

With the Tibetan monks of the region of Lhassa, the farmers of the great plateaus of Iran, the cultivators of the valleys of Laos, with all of these people that we will meet from the four corners of the globe, we will have a desire for exchanges and sharing.
Thirsty to pass several hours, several days with those who would like to share conversation, a meal, perhaps even a roof. To live with these other peoples who give meaning to our voyage and reason to our long hours of pedalling.

A Sharing:
Our desire is to share our dream and to permit all interested persons to follow the progress of our travel. It is in this interest that we will publish articles and photos throughout our journey.
This distribution will be made possible from our Internet site, which will present our expedition, our writings, and our sponsors. The event will be covered by the local press and specialized magazines throughout its different stages: before, during, and after.

An Educational Program:
The chronicling of our journey by bicycle will provide a means by which young French, American, and foreign generations can discover magnificent sites and consider the importance of and take action for the protection of our world heritage. By following our adventure, young people will have real-time access to peoples and cultures of distant lands.