The preparation of our voyage began by reading small and large tales alike of travellers who have accomplished a thousand feats, whether it be on the roads, in the mountains, by sea or by horse. Our preparation has been long, but very rewarding, and what pleasure it has been to escape, if only into a story, a guidebook, or a map. It has allowed us to wait patiently until the big departure day in July 2003, and below you will find a summary:

Choice of Itinerary:
We’ve had to inform ourselves on the political, climatic, cultural, and social situations of the countries which we plan to visit. Long and difficult, the choice of itinerary took several turns before finishing as a tour of the world parting towards the east .

Educational Program:
Little by little, our ideas have evolved until they have crystallized into what they are today. This part is in continuous evolution .

We performed long and meticulous comparisons of equipment in order to find the combination of durability, quality, weight, and cost that was suited for our needs. Our families, friends, and colleagues have generously supported us in our wedding list, where we registered for sleeping bags, flashlights, and mattresses rather than silver or china.

We opened a savings account in anticipation of our voyage. In addition, we are looking to collect funds and equipment with the participation of sponsors. We will update the dossier in function of its evolution and the contacts that we have established.

Professional/Social Obligations:
We have planned to cease all professional activity, as well as to move and either sell or store our belongings. Our mothers will be in charge of administrative tasks such as banking, filing income tax, etc. in the United States and in France (thank you to our moms!)

Health Check-Ups:
We have had all the latest medical check-ups (dentist, ophthalmologist, allergist, etc.) and have subscribed for a repatriation insurance. And, of course, we haven’t forgotten our vaccinations (for details, see following page).

Athletic Preparation:
In order to prepare physically, we cycle regularly in Paris and have had several weekend bicycle trips in France. We spent three weeks cyclo-camping in Andalusia in April of 2002 and plan to bike for two weeks along the Loire Valley in France in April of 2003.

Photographic Aid:
The precious aid of two photographer friends, Gwen and Brounch, has directed us in the choice of equipment, and has especially helped train us in this art. We have also gleaned many photo-taking tips from National Geographic photo guidebooks.

We have consulted with a doctor at the Pasteur Hospital in Paris for a course of vaccine treatment. In addition, Stéphane, as a RN, just got a graduation entitled “Travellers’ Medicine and The Health of Travellers”. No single solution is perfect, but because of our high exposure to different risks, especially in rural zones, we have chosen to follow a cautious immunization program.



(total / pers.)


(1ere inj.)


 (total / 2 pers.)

Hépatite A et B

3 inj. (J0, J30)


46,7 x 6 = 280,2 €


3 inj. (J0, J8, J30)


40 x 6 = 240 €

Fièvre typhoïde

1 inj.


27,5 X 2 = 55 €

Encéphalite japonaise

3 inj. (J0, J8, J30)


53,5 X 6 = 321 €

Encéphalite à tique

3 inj. (J0, J30, M12)


42 x 6 = 252 €

Rappel DT Polio

1 inj.


12,3 x 2 = 24,6 €

TOTAL (sauf DTP)

1172,8 €